Thank You

Good Morning Everyone,

Today is bittersweet for me, because of those no longer here on earth with me. It is the launch date of my Journaling To My Truth Blog: my mom (Louise M. Winston Sylvester_2013); nephew (James D. Jordan-Sylvester_2021); niece (Daija J. Nicole Galmore_2010); my cousin (Pamela Reese Benton_2021) and many other special people that have been a constant inspiration and supporters of my writing over the years. I would like to send a special shoutout all the way to Heaven and say “THANK YOU’, I know each of you are watching over me (us). And although you are gone from the body, you are yet here in spirit; I want to say how much your support, encouraging words, love, and affection have brought me to where I am today.

I am officially announcing the launch of “Journaling To My Truth”,, which can be found here on the main site @; on TikTok @journaling_to_my_truth; Instagram @journaling_to_my_truth_blog and all interested are welcome to join our private Facebook group @Journaling To My Truth.

Journaling To My Truth is just that, me writing about various thoughts and actions in my personal life and my walk with God. Posts will vary from day to day. I have set aside special tabs for each part of my day, from morning prayer to simple questions and tools used to help me along the way. I love writing, music, art, and beautiful scenery as you’ll see on the site and in my work. Can’t wait to meet you all soon and don’t forget to like, comment, share, and follow me on all sites.

So Please join me in this journey as I am journaling my way to PEACE~LOVE~TRUTH!!

Until Tomorrow,

Have a Blessed Day and remember “SOMEBODY LOVES YOU”!!

Comekia L. Sylvester

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