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Good Morning Lord, Prayers_Morning

Good Morning Lord

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Dear God, Thank You for this day!

First, I would like to give honor unto you GOD: I know that without you there is no me. “Without YOU”, is the one thing that I never want to experience again. Lord, you have been the one thing that has been constant in my life. I thank you for keeping me throughout the night, for holding me, and relieving me of all stress and discomfort. Lord yesterday was a BLESSED DAY, one that all GLORY IS GIVEN UNTO YOU. It wasn’t a day, as many may assume, but it was a day that I was once again allowed to WALK in your SPIRIT and GLORY. I was able to experience your BEAUTY and LOVE.

I am so GRATEFUL, to have had yet another opportunity to experience your LOVE. To learn and study your word, to feel your everlasting presence in my life. I THANK YOU for your corrections and directions in my life, for without you Lord, again none of this is POSSIBLE. You have shown me every second of the day how AMAZING you are. You have constantly REVEALED your purpose for my life: and constantly reassured me, that you are GOD. And this I will forever be GRATEFUL.

Lord, I ask that you walk with me through this day. I ask that you guide each step and each word. I ask that you watch over all my family, friends, and myself. Protecting them on the highways, protecting them on their jobs, and in their homes. Lord Protect them in all that they do today. I ask that as my grandsons prepare for school, that you prepare them for the day, that you prepare them to partake in their education, opening their minds up to all things correct in the teachers’ teachings. Help them receive with understanding and give them the ability to apply it as needed.

I ask that you ride with them to and from school and their walk home, shielding them from all danger. Lord, please look over those that didn’t wake with a roof over their heads or food to eat. That didn’t wake with happiness and love in their hearts. Lord step into their life and show them why you are the ALMIGHTY, the TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT: THE BEGINNING AND THE ENDING.

And Lord please look over the sick, the distraught, the lonely, and the lost, provide ways for them in their healing. As I end this prayer Lord, I end it with LOVE, I end it with FAITH in YOU, that you are the God of All, our WAY-MAKER, the GIVER and TAKER of ALL THINGS.