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Good Night Lord, Prayers_Night

Good Night Lord

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First giving HONOR to YOU LORD,

Thank you for this day, for watching over me every step of the way. I ask that you look over me and my family as we lay our heads to rest. I ask that you shield us with the Blood of Jesus and bring peace throughout this house and the homes of my children, family, friends, and across the world. Lord war has broken out, in places known and unknown, I ask that you protect those in Ukraine and Russia and bring resolution between them.

Lord continue to search my heart, continue to guide my steps, and help me be a help to others. I ask that you continue to bring healing in the physical body and spiritual body, protecting my mind, opening, and cleansing my heart even more and taking all that is damaged and is hindering me from completely drawing closer to you. I ask that you show yourself to those that seek you and stir those that are not. I ask that you bring comfort and warmth to those that are sleeping on these cold streets tonight; protecting them from all harm and danger, and to those that have lost a job or losing their mind: many are only steps away from losing it all. I ask that you bring peace to the person that is feeling like their life is over, that the hurt and pressure of living this life has become too much. Lord I ask of thee to send help, send out alerts so that one more soul will not be lost to the deceit and tricks of Satan. That one more soul will know of YOUR TRUTH and of Your LOVE!

You are AMAZING, and I give you the Glory and Praise as I prepare to lay my head, I thank you for Life. If it is in your will that I see tomorrow, wake me in your LOVE and ENGULF me in your word, so that the agenda of building your kingdom continues yet another day. So that my living and your dying was not all in vain.

In Jesus Name I Pray,

Your Daughter,


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