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The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, And delivereth them out of all their troubles.

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; And saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.

PSALMS 34 17-18


First and Foremost, I give honor unto you!

Thank You for yet another day to be among the living! Lord, I have been restless in thought and my heart heavy. With all that is going on in this world, it is hard to not feel sorrow, to feel pain for all that has lost their life, hurting, or feeling defeated. I am troubled in my heart with so much, I am THANKFUL for YOU and YOUR WORD. You did not say that every day would be an easy day, you did not promise we will not feel pain, troubled, or moments of doubt. Not in YOU LORD, but in things in our life and in this world. Lord, if it were not for your TRUTH, I would not know whom to turn to in moments just as this. I would not know that no matter what we are going through, that in-the-MIDST OF OUR TROUBLES, YOU ARE STILL GOD. In-the- midst of all that I feel, I think of YOUR LOVE and how I believe whole-heartedly that if I am confessing that I TRUST YOUR WORD, then I am also confessing how I TRUST that YOU are a way maker and burden carrier. I am laying my troubles upon the altar and trusting in you LORD.

You said, let not our hearts be troubled, Lord, you have clothed me with the equipment needed. Your shield of protection, of truth, of love, and have prepared me for battle. The battle of my thoughts and the sorrows of my heart, you said keep our thoughts focused on you. You said that your word is a guide, a comforter, a tool for all that we need. Lord, as I sit here typing, I ask YOU to clear my mind of all things troubling: I ask that whatever it may be, that you take it away because Lord, I TRUST YOU. I know that you are GOD, and no one is greater or higher than you. I am trusting my heart in your hands and believing that you will bring comfort to a weary heart, you will bring peace to my troubled soul. I see joy in this day, I feel peace in this hour. As I seek your face and listen to your word, I feel content that it is all worked out in Jesus Name. That however and whenever it is done- for I know that my timing is unlike your timing. I pray for patience, I pray for endurance in-the-midst of my troubled heart and mind, because I know the VICTORY IS YOURS.

In this journey to draw closer to you Lord, I have relied on meditating on your word, prayer, and faith. I have relied on your TRUTH to be my guide. I ask that my heart rejoice in your peace and love that it embraces your teachings and your perfect will for me. I ask that you guide me through this day, cover me with the Blood of Jesus: leading my words, thoughts, and actions. Be with my children, family, and friends those near and far. I ask that you walk each step with my grandsons as they began their day, preparing them to be acceptable to all educators and all given information (that is right). That you be in every car, in every walk, and on every bus for your protection is all we need.

Thank You Lord-for I pray In Jesus Name,

Your Daughter,



Lord, for all that read this prayer, I ask that you touch them in heart, that you strengthen them in faith. That you lead them in life and cover them with the Blood of Jesus. For those that know you personally I pray your will they keep. For those that do not I pray your face they seek.