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Grow in His Word

This video is a simple but powerful reminder to me of how I overcame it: I posted this to remind me of how much I have grown in God’s word. Just a few days ago, I posted a status on my Facebook that was not meant for everyone, but a very few select individuals who never had my best interest at heart.

It was a major move on my part, one that was given to me, after I came out of prayer. And in order for me to truly forgive and forget, there was a hold that needed to be released in Jesus’ name. The post was only meant to be up for a short while, and it was, as it had proven to me, that I was and am truly healed. Can you imagine going through life, knowing that others wanted you to die and wanted you to hurt? Well, I can and I do because this was for the majority of my life. I walked this earth, feeling as I always had to look over my shoulder.

So, this post consisted of me TRULY LETTING GO AND LETTING GOD. But how do you do that, when the person(s) who has brought you harm, was disguised as someone who says, “I Love you”. YOU TRUST GOD! I learned to walk in his WIll and by Faith, I learned that the devil comes disguised in many forms, a few examples can be seen in video above. He can be your “best friend” and even a parent: which is why, we must pray daily, read the Bible daily; and we must take the time to learn who God is.

Pray this prayer with me!!

Lord search my heart, reveal all that is unpleasing to you and harmful to me. Walk through my house and reveal anything that is not of you. I ask that you be the head of my life, that you open my eyes to all I need to see. I ask that you bind all attacks and tricks from the enemy in Jesus’ Name!!


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