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How Amazing Is HIS Grace

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“Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusts in thee. (4)Trust you in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength” (Isaiah 26: 3-4)

Lord today was an incredibly good day, but it became a little bit weary: as the night fell upon us, Lord I shook the feeling of that ol’ weary spirit. And remembered that I am the daughter of a KING!! It all started with the devil’s mind tricks, trying to take me back to my old ways of thinking. Doubting every step that I made throughout the day, but I thank God for progress. In this journey, I have learned to recognize these tricks and I have learned to bind the devil in his tracks. I talk to him like I am talking to others: I SPEAK in a STERN AND STRONG voice, “DEVIL FLEE FROM ME;” “NOT TODAY SATAN,” and as I saw the darkness outside, I looked at the lightness inside; LORD, I felt better, I felt and feel BLESSED. I Thank You for the voice of authority, for new and bigger BOLDNESS in Jesus’s Name: I Thank You for your daily deliverance from this old flesh. Lord, I can never tire of saying how AMAZING you are, because you never tire of BEING AMAZING and showing me your LOVE daily.

How I can feel the song-hear the song, “AMAZING GRACE, HOW SWEET THE SOUND, THAT SAVED A WRETCH LIKE ME!” Oh, how I feel this song in my bones, when I look back over my day and back over my life, I cannot help but feel BLESSED. Lord, I have learned that it does not matter what we were or where we were in life when you picked up the pieces and extend your hands to us as you FORGIVE US, “HOW AMAZING YOUR GRACE AND MERCY IS.” You have seen in me, what I could not see in myself, I talk my way through this day, believing in your promise of security, of peace, and of truth. In your word Lord, you said, come to me, who all are heavily burdened, and you will give us rest. (Matthew 11:28) And wrestling with those Ol’ thoughts of craziness as I now know, I reminded myself, that you said the VICTORY of this life is WON!! It is like a new feeling of relief each time, I conquer one more thing and think “Girl,” how many more times are you going to let this devil play you. How many more times are you going to fall weak to those taunting feelings of depression, weariness, fear.

My God, one thing I know, is that you are real and TRUE to YOUR WORD, you constantly show me this every second of the day, every chance you give me, I’m reminded that my FATHER loves me. I’m reminded, of all the times I spent feeling down and out, I could have been SHOUTING FOR YOUR GLORY. Thank you for the opportunity to claim life once again, for seeing this life with NEW VISION, through the telescope of LOVE and not HATE. You are generous in your given, you give us wisdom and sent us the tools, to continue our journeys through life. In all that you do Lord, THANK YOU!

I ask that you walk through my house tonight, touching everyone and everything Lord. I ask that you continue to bring focus into my life and please search my heart, tonight, Lord, anything of hindrance remove In Jesus’ Name. May you clear minds and soothe troubled hearts as we lay our heads to rest bringing clarity to our life and your will. I ask of you, that you protect us under the BLOOD OF JESUS, not allowing any harm nor danger to enter our homes or around our homes. Lord heal the sick, heal those that are suffering from cancer, kidney failure, and many- many other illnesses. The doctors are saying no, but my God, if it is in YOUR WILL, say YES and breathe life back into them all. Touch their minds and keep them encouraged with your love and with your word, in a unique way that they will know it is YOU and only YOU.