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“The LORD is close to those who have suffered disappointment. He saves those who are discouraged”

Psalms 34:18

Dear God,

First and Foremost, I want to give honor unto you!!

Lord, Thank You for this Beautiful rainy day and rolling thunder, for allowing me to experience the crispness of the winds and the subtle drops of the rain. I woke with you on my mind this morning, thinking how GREAT THY LOVE IS: how wonderful it is to have a different mindset just from the day before. I am so GRATEFUL LORD for the GRACE AND MERCY, you’ve shown me and many others; there is not a day that I’m allowed to see that I don’t feel gratitude. Because “when I” look over just the past few months, “when I” look back to all that I have suffered through in the past years and “when I” look at my personal battle with depression, “LORD HOW GREAT THY LOVE”, is what falls on my heart. How did I miss it all this time, how could I not see or feel how great your love is for me-the world, how? Could I not see this?

Lord, as I say this prayer and look back over my life, YES, AGAIN, I want to pray for all that woke up with a troubled mind and heart. I want to ask that you bring comfort to all those that feel defeated in life, to all those that have not sought you or have lost sight of you. Lord, your word tells us that you are close to those who are burdened, that we can bring that weight to you and lay them at the altar and you my Lord, will grant us rest. Rest in this world full of evil; rest in our troubled homes; rest with the troubles we face on jobs; rest from financial burdens. You said Lord, you can give us REST: Psalms 34:19-20, tells us that even good people may have problems, but you LORD, will take those problems away, and protect us completely. That you care for us, and we can “cast all our cares upon you”.

Lord, I’m kneeling before you on behalf of the pain faced on this day: that you my Lord, take all this pain away. I ask that you cover our minds and cover our hearts from thoughts that are not of you, from the thoughts that have burdened us down. I ask that you show your face and show your love to them; allow them to feel how special and truly blessed they are. I ask that you bind all attacks from the source of pain, that you heal those that are sick in the mind, their body. Deliver us, LORD, from the dungeons of life and bring us up, so that we may sit upon the rock and not under it. As I know that “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH YOU”, that all things can be made whole in you.

Your face let us seek and Your word let us hear, that today shows us that we are not alone nor are we lost or forgotten. Lord your word tells us that “you will keep us in perfect peace, whose mind is on you if we TRUST in you”.


In Jesus’ name, I’m kneeling for all, that are heavy in heart ❣

Your Daughter,


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