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“Be Strong-Hold On”  How many of us have been told this? How many of us have said this to someone? I think of the many times I’ve heard this from various people in my life over the years. I think of how many times, I’ve said, “yeah easier said than done.”

In the reality of this world, it is so easy to speak such words, but Lord, how hard it is to live by these words. I can think of the many things I’ve wanted to say to those that have spoken this to me: how I wanted to scream, yeah sure, you try doing just that. See when you are not the one that is going through whatever it is- these words come easy, relief comes easy. But, when you are the one facing hardships, pain, hurt, or the one who has lost everything or experienced a traumatic experience such as rape, etc… Believe me the last thing you want to hear is “be strong or hold on”. All you can think of is screaming, all you want to do is ball up in a ball and die!!

I can speak on all of this because I’ve been the one who has lost everything (so I thought), the one that has been beaten, destroyed, physically and mentally raped. I have been the one who wanted to SCREAM, I screamed at myself for being such a fool, I’ve screamed at myself for being so vulnerable to be used; and believe it or not I’ve been the one to SCREAM AT GOD. All I wanted was relief, all I wanted was some peace, “Peace where art thou”, “Peace please come find me”. Jesus, I just wanted PEACE, from my hurt, from my thoughts, from this world: “My God, why have you forsaken me Peace”, was all I could ask: why me? What could I have possibly done to deserve this life that I was born to live? “Why oh Lord why?” How many have felt just this or similar? I used to think that I was the only one experiencing such heartbreak, I use to think that Lord, you can’t be doing this to someone else, could you? How selfish was I, to think that I was that special that I was the only one. How selfish of me, to think that I shouldn’t have to experience pain, loss, hard times. How selfish of I-was I to doubt in God? How selfish it was of me, NOT TO “HOLD ON” OR “BE STRONG”.

Sorry to say, I was very selfish in my thinking then; I was so selfish that I had the nerve to be mad at God. How it hurts my heart now, to think I even thought such thoughts toward the ONE PERSON, that LOVED ME. Not just LOVED ME, but did it unconditionally, he was the one person that has proven HIS LOVE over-and over again. He was the only one, that stood by me, when I didn’t have the feet to stand on myself, and the only person that has given me HIS all. Yeah, how selfish of me, that I had forsaken him, doubted him: I did what many do everyday in their pain. I BLAMED GOD!!


But please don’t be alarmed, I learned it was not God’s fault!! I learned that yes, it is true that he will allow us to go through such things; he will allow us to experience the pains of this world, go through trials, such as abuse, rape, loss. Why? Because we were born into a world of sin: because if no one went through, experienced tribulation, then, WOULD WE BELIEVE GOD IS REAL? WOULD WE believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that HE died on the cross for our sins? Would we Believe this to be true if we were all perfect every single day? NO, we wouldn’t, if everyone was walking around in a perfect world, doing everything perfect and saying everything perfect, then why would we need God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit.

So now, I am saying these words to “YOU”“BE STRONG & HOLD ON“!

YEP guys, with all that may be going on in your lives and around us, I have truly learned that “all things happen for a reason”; that we all will experience some trials, why, to bring us closer to God, to believe that the word is true, that it can deliver us from these trials.

That if we TRUST in HIM and DRAW closer to HIS LOVE and HIS WORD, WE CAN and SHALL BE FREE!

Why do you think God allows such trials?

I would love to hear other perspectives on this, so feel free to share, comment, like, and follow to hear more!

Always Love,


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