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Mark 5:34 

And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace and be whole of thy plague.

Dear God,

First and Foremost, I want to give honor unto YOU!!

This is a very beautiful morning Lord, the Son and Sun is high and shining bright above, Thank You for it all. Thank you for a peaceful night’s rest and for allowing me to see this day. I ask that as I go through today, you work on me more, opening my heart and guiding my thoughts, so that every step I make is about you and not me. That everything I set to do today, is in representation of YOU and YOUR WILL: even if I stray in thought or movement, straighten me Lord.

As this day has already begun, I ask that you look on the sick, those that are dealing with cancer, those dealing with kidney failure, those dealing with dementia, mental illness, addictions, and so much more. I ask for your healing hands to touch them all, that you heal them from the crown of their head to the sole of their feet. I ask for deliverance of such ailments, from the pain that they may be suffering I also ask for deliverance of the pain I’m suffering, in my hands and legs, that you completely deliver me from all nerve damage, that the pain ceases in Jesus Name for all.

Thank You Lord, for I know that all things are possible through you, that all things are made whole in you. As I think of your LOVE, I think of your word, I think of how you healed and delivered in the Bible, how just one touch casted out demons, allowed a man to see. I ask that these things be done today, here, and now, that you cast out cancers, infections, and other diseases: that you heal as we believe you can. Restore our bodies, minds, and souls Lord, like Only YOU can do. And all praises I give to you, and Glory I give to you; I believe in your Love, and I believe that your word is true, that you are a MIGHTY GOD and a healing GOD, that only if we believe it shall be done.

Walk with us on this day and protect us from the many dangers lurking around us, as we move back and forth, please Lord, keep us in YOUR WILL AND COVER US WITH THE BLOOD!

In Jesus Name

Your Daughter,


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