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Knowing The Difference

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Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. (1 Corinthians 2:12)

Dear God,

First and Foremost, I give honor unto you!!

Lord, thank you for this day, even though the sun is not shining bright this morning, the SON IS!! I thank you for keeping me through the night, safe and sound. For allowing my house to sleep in peace. As I finished my morning devotion, I dwell on the lesson of knowing you and your Spirit. I think of how easy it is for some to be fooled by Satan and how knowing the difference between spirits is important. I thank you for the knowledge and the understanding of Your Word and the giving of Your Spirit. I ask that you open the eyes of all that do not know the difference, I ask that you open their hearts, so that they can know and receive Your Loving Spirit.

Lord, help us all remember, that you are a Spirit of Love, a Spirit of Peace, a Spirit of Understanding; that you want us to live in happiness. That if we hold on to Your teachings, to Your Will that we may experience everlasting peace, love, and life. I thank you for keeping me and guiding me through this troublesome world full of evildoers, full of those that do not respect Your laws. I thank you for showing me a Love so much greater than all the silver and gold: for loving me as I am and making me better than who I was.

Lord, watch over us today, continue to lead in our lives, guide our thoughts and our walk, so that each word and each move is about you and only you. Let all that I do today, be a representation of Your Love and Your Will, let it reach and teach all that I encounter and all that sees, reads, or hears me. Let Your Spirit within me, SHINE BRIGHT, as the sun you made and Your Love for me, touch all those that need it. Help me continue to lean on Your Word and Your Understanding, help me see things as you have seen them for me, so that I may utilize it all in my day.

I ask that you watch over my family and friends, I ask that you touch those that are sick in their bodies and weary in their heart. That You touch them and guide them, so that they may know what I know, that You are ALL WE NEED. Watch over my grands as they go to and from school, keeping them covered under your blood, opening their minds to their lessons in school and in life. Guiding them through this day and making them acceptable to you and your laws. Lord, cover my family and friends today, those that are traveling to work or school, keep them Lord, protect them Lord, that all may return home safely. I pray this prayer in your Son Jesus Name, that you hear me and know my heart and words to be sincere.

In Jesus Name

Your Daughter,


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