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Dying In Our Sins

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Ephesians 2:4-7 ERV

But God is rich in mercy, and he loved us very much. We were spiritually dead because of all we had done against him. But he gave us new life together with Christ. (You have been saved by God’s grace.) Yes, it is because we are a part of Christ Jesus that God raised us from death and seated us together with him in the heavenly places. God did this so that his kindness to us who belong to Christ Jesus would clearly show for all time to come the amazing richness of his grace.

Dear God, I Love You:

First and Foremost, I want to give honor unto YOU!!

Lord, Thank You!

This morning, I’m thinking of how many of us have been suffering, suffering from all that has gone on up to this moment. I think of the tornadoes that has brought destruction in Texas. I think of the many killings of so many innocent people by the hands of others and how so many didn’t make it this day. They didn’t make it to see the morning light and YOUR SON shining bright. Yes, the clouds are lingering above us now, but Your Grace and Mercy yet poured out all around us. Your Grace and Mercy has kept us yet another day. And this I am forever Grateful for. You seen fit that I am part of the living and given one more opportunity to press on in this life, Thank You Father, for this I am Grateful.

Lord, I come to thee, asking that you My Lord, hear my prayers, that you My Lord feel my pain: hear my cries, as I bring my worries to you. You said that we should bring all our burdens to you Lord, that YOU are our burden carrier; and as I look around me today, this week, I am full of sorrow, for all that are lost. Lost in this world full of so much evil, so much sorrow, so much pain, so much trouble. Trouble in our souls and the trouble in our world. Today, Lord, it seems that so many are confused of how Great thy Love is: of how You are the one that has ALLOWED us this day, this earth. But Heavenly Father, I know that these things must take place, I know that Your Word is true, and there will be death and dying, pain and sorrow. I know that many will be fooled by Satan, and I know that many will choose to do the works of the devil, as many of us have chosen to do the works of Our Savior.

So many have fallen Lord, they have fallen to the trickery of Satan and his soldiers and have fallen to drugs, fallen to murder, fallen to hatred, fallen to jealousy, gluttony. So many are lying, stealing, cheating: and so many are being selfish and self-righteous: choosing to judge others, gossip about others. Many are walking around with such pride that has overtaken them, giving them this superior attitude, that they even feel superior over YOU. They are walking in fear and have taken on the spirit of worrying: and so many are walking in defeat and desperation. Lord, so many have FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU; have not grown to know YOU and YOUR LOVE.

Lord, as I kneel before you, I ask of thee, that you give me words to say to those that are feeling lost: who have fallen knowingly and unknowingly to all of this, that you use me to spread to this world, the Word of God, Your Will, and Your Love. Let all that have failed you, including me, because we all fail daily, come, and repent to YOU of all this sin. Let all of us who have been tricked into doing the work of Satan, ask for our hearts to be cleansed and our souls to be renewed with the Spirit of God. Let us learn that You, My Lord have given us opportunity after opportunity to turn from our wicked ways and come to you. Let us remember that Your Will-will be done here on earth, that this world will end one day: and if we are not right, if we have not done the work of the Lord, we will be lost to our sins and Hell we will see.

Lord, I pray now at this moment, that focuses are changed to Your Will, that eyes are being opened and hearts accepting to the Will of our Lord. I pray at this time, that you’ve put before those that have been seeking you, the answer to their next move. I pray right now that you show the next person, that the next hit of drug they take, will be their last, if they don’t turn from it: and I pray that those that are sick in their minds, in their hearts, and bodies that you heal them, Lord. That you touch them in the name of Jesus. I pray that today be a renewal of the Holy Spirit for those that have fallen out of Your Will. Lord, I pray that whatever is in my heart, if I have done anything out of the Will of God, that you forgive me, and renew Your Spirit in me and use me for the good of God.

I pray today be a day of new opportunity, new words, and Anew mind, all guided under Your Will and for Your Will. I ask of thee, that you walk with me, my family, and friends through this day, that you have given us and help us all be a better person to others around us. Help us, to see outside of our own views and see through Your views. Help us to be a blessing by word of mouth, by actions, by finances, by any way that will draw, if only one, toward You and Your Love. Lord, I want to share with the world, how good thy Love is and how You have saved me and delivered me from a world of pain and sin. I want to give all Glory unto Your Name and not mine, because it was You and Only You that has brought me through!!

Hallelujah 🙌 how I Thank You for Loving me. I pray this prayer of help and guidance, so that today, Lord, Your Will-will be carried out, that others will be saved and guided unto YOU. That today will be a day that Satan has lost, yet again, that soldiers of his army, have turned away from his ways and have chosen to do Yours. As I know, you have given us a choice to choose You, let TODAY, be the day we all choose YOU!!

In Jesus Name,

Your Daughter,


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