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Best Friend

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   (18.) And will be a Father unto you, And ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

Dear God, I Love You!

First and Foremost, I want to give honor unto You Lord!!

Lord, as I prepare to lay my head down tonight, I ask that you walk through my house and prepare the way. I ask that you cover my home, children’s home, family, and friends’ homes with the Blood of Jesus. Keeping all harm and danger out and granting us a peaceful night’s rest. Watching over the homeless, those that are sick and weary in spirit, and bring them peace tonight; the way that only I know you can do.

Lord, you have been a constant part of my everyday life, one that has stuck by me when everyone else was not. You have been the “Best Friend “, anyone could ever have. You have been the one that I turned to in the midnight hours and the one always ready to listen to my deepest concerns. You are the keeper of my secrets and the holder of my heart, when this world has let me down, you have picked me back up. When I could not see a way through my pain, or through the day, Lord, you have given me ways to heal my brokenness and shown me the light. I ask that you continue to be that friend to me Lord because many days I have felt that no one is here. Many days, it felt as if no one is listening or even cares; but Lord, you are always there-readily to lend an ear. You are there to pick up the pieces and have always shown me that Your Love is True and Real.

As I prepare for my night’s rest, I think of how people can let you down and how easy it is for them to break their promises. Some do it intentionally, but many do not; but they do and without consciously thinking, their actions disappoint us. But Lord, as I studied devotional tonight, leaning on Your Word and the understanding of it, It reminded me, that people are human. Whether it is a parent, child, family member, or friend-they are all human: and all of them will fail you at one point or another in your life. In Your Word, you tell us that we are born into sin and that without the Holy Spirit, we will remain in sin: that no one here on earth is perfect and will all fail daily. As I meditated on the word tonight, thinking how much man fails us, I could not help but be grateful unto you. I am grateful for Your Love, Lord, and Your forever friendship; I am grateful unto you for being my “Best Friend,” because Lord, you never failed me. I have failed you many times, people have failed me many times, BUT Lord, you have never failed any of us. You have shown to all of us, that when the word tells us, that Your Love is unconditional, it is.

So, Father, as I meditate on this in my heart, I ask of you to help me learn how to not depend on these worldly things and affections. I know that the human part of me, will want to lean on the affections of those here on earth: but I ask that you help me learn to not be disappointed in the actions of others. I ask that you continue to teach me, that man will fail us, but You Heavenly Father, will not. I ask of You Father, that you cleanse my heart of thoughts of disappointment and teach me how to lean totally on You. Help me not to see the fault in others, but how to pray they see these faults in themselves and correct them according to Your Will. And help me to correct myself, in judging those actions in others: I pray that you continue to correct me in my ways that are unpleasing in your sight.

Lord, keep my mind and soul pleasing to you, for if I do not wake, my soul you take, in peace I lay, and your will I take, in Jesus Name, let Your Will be done in me and around me.

Your Daughter,


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