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Good Morning Lord, Inquiring Minds & Exquisite Thoughts

When God Gives You Quetions!

Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful morning!
In my study, a few questions came up, that led me to biblical research. And as God has led me, from the start of this walk, was to share this journey/walk to My Truth (meaning His Truth). In whatever way He has put in my heart and Spirit (of God) to do;
so I have been praying for obedience and boldness and so much more. And I have learned in many ways and one is to post or speak, well I should say, the Spirit says speak, search, ask, seek from my understanding, not man’s understanding. And I followed and it led me to questions, Spirit-led questions, that is. Because if we are truly walking with God-its the total TRUTH we are seeking and the only one We should be asking for the Total Truth is God!!!

The keywords He has given me- are “traditional” and “adaptiveness”
“Traditional-Adaptive Learning!

~The question to share is ~
What is the storehouse?

~What I am to explain-~(this morning)
In order to understand the Scriptures (The Holy Bible-“God’s Word)
You have to understand the meaning!
In order to understand the meaning, You have to understand the Scriptures.
In order to understand the Scriptures and Meanings-You have to 1st seek God!

Because: “In the beginning was the WORD-And the WORD was WITH GOD- And the WORD was GOD!! (John1:1)

Always W/Love,
Journaling To My Truth
Have a blessed and beautiful day-☀️
“THE SON ✝️HAS RISEN”❤️💛❤️💛❤️