Good Morning Lord, Prayers_Morning

Good Morning Lord

Good Morning Lord,

As I sit and meditate on the beauty of YOU and this day, I can’t help but Thank You for all YOUR GLORY! As I meditate on the victories you have won on my behalf and think of the Love you so unselfishly have for me: I can’t help but THANK YOU for all YOUR GLORY!

As I gazed out the window and spent time with you, Lord I thought of how You kept me. I thought about how Peacefully I slept last night and how Peacefully I woke this morning. How I awoke with a mind that was able to bask in YOUR GLORY AND LOVE. With a mind to seek YOU and spend time with you. And as I just sat there, thinking of All Your Glory and all the things I was so grateful for, I couldn’t help, but say “LORD, THANK YOU!!

Thank YOU, for such a BEAUTIFUL sunny day, one that truly wasn’t promised, but was granted to me, through YOUR GRACE AND MERCY!! I ask that as I/we prepare for the day, we remember you in all we do. We remember how gracious you are toward us and how much YOU LOVE us, as you have constantly shown us, each moment we breathe. Lord,  I ask that you walk this day with me, keeping me from the dangers that lurk in the shadows and so boldly at times; and from the attacks that seek to destroy and distract me. I ask that you cover me/us with the Blood of Jesus as you prepare me for this day.

We Love you Lord and Thank You for this day!

The Son Has Risen-💕

Good Morning My Beautiful People 💕💕

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