~Lord, If You Move I’ll fall~

Lord, such a powerful statement, and as I sit meditating on YOU, MY GOD!!
How grateful I am, to know I have you, how grateful I am for the love you constantly show me. Not every day is an easy day, but it’s a NEW DAY, that has been granted through you and only you. I sit now feeling at peace and in peace. A peace like no other: a peace of knowing that no matter what, You are GOD!!

A God that holds me so gently in His arms, one that gracefully loves me, one that puts so much thought into every detail of my life. Thinking over the years of my life, the heartaches I endured, the life I lived before I truly submitted to Your Will and Your love. I thought, Lord if you had moved, I know where I would be. If you move, I know where I’ll go, so please Lord don’t MOVE.

Loving You Lord,

Your Daughter,