Kidz Exquisitely, Nique's Journal


Your beautiful intelligence has me lost for words, but as I stare into your eyes, all I can sense is a lost soul.

One that’s been abused and misused and led on.

You began to mask your smile and started focusing on your hurt. Not knowing that focusing only on your hurt can have you feeling stuck inside your own mind. It pulls you into this dark place. And without being aware of it only puts you deeper into this pit.

Your beautiful intelligence has me so lost for words, and as I stare into your soul, I see this little lost girl. Screaming and begging because she wants to be free, being trapped in this dark place has her In agony.

Beautiful lost girl, I will soon set you free, but first, let me heal so that the love is guaranteed. Because it’s impossible for me to love you when I can’t love me.

Beautiful lost girl….I am you….and you are me.


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