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As I come out of prayer this morning, I was led to search for another Bible plan: and as I was looking through the plans, I came upon “A week of Prayer”. Thank You Holy Spirit for this, because although I pray much throughout the day, it wasn’t the plan so much that I feel that God lead me to, it was the scripture that begins this plan. The scripture, God’s Spirit, is leading me to this word. “It is Not Always Pretty”!

As I begin to read Luke 11: 1-4, and read the Lord’s prayer and moving through His word, I began to read Luke 11:9, “And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find it; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. (10) for everyone that asks will receive; and he that seeks, shall find; and to him that knock, it shall be opened.” I thought about my prayer from a few moments earlier and how I felt a little weak today. I thought about how, in my spirit, I wasn’t feeling the best, was feeling tired, not tired of God; but “tired”. I thought, Oh Heavenly Father, It’s been a long hard, and difficult road, I thought, Lord, how sometimes I wonder why? And immediately felt guilty and ashamed, for even feeling like, “Lord, did that sound as if I was questioning you?” Oh, Heavenly Father, never will I do such a thing, nor do I want to feel it in my heart: that I can fix my mind or words to question your goodness. But as I continued praying, the Lord reassured me, it is ok, to feel tired, it’s ok to feel lost at times, it’s okay, to speak and pray what is in your heart daughter, I know it all.

I ended up at Luke 11, which reminded me, “It is not always pretty”, it reminded me, that life is hard, life is full of pain, sorrow, losses, and so much more. But it’s not over and God reassured me, that, if we continue to seek His word, seek His face, and simply knock at Heaven’s door, we will find Him. We will find that relief we seek, that peace of mind we all so need. We will know and cherish God’s Love for us, knowing that life can and will throw rocks at us. Life will get overwhelming and will leave you weak in moments: and it will knock you off your feet. Why, because it’s life, a life that we walk in-in flesh; and as we walk in flesh, we walk feeling scared, weak, in pain, lonely, and confused at times. Why, because this flesh we walk in, was born in a life of sin, not because God wants us hurting, BUT because Satan tricked Eve. Because she falls weak to his trickery, we walk in sin and we experience these things that are meant to break us but are also put upon us to teach us in this life.

It teaches us, how God is merciful toward us and how God’s grace is plenty. It teaches us of a Loving God, who could of let it be: But didn’t, He instead sent us help-help through a great sacrifice, through His Son Jesus. He gives us the opportunity and His Love and Mercy so that as we walk this earth in flesh, we can live it in the SPIRIT. He left the greatest gift of the Holy Ghost, a teacher, a comforter, a friend, and our Help Mate! Not only did He give us His Only Begotten Son (Jesus), He gave us a chance at everlasting life: and as you read Luke 11:9-10, think how He is simply saying, I did not say it was going to always be easy, because nothing in this life is “perfect”. All men are born in sin and All men will sin daily and fall short in my sight: but as I have left you a mediator, teacher, and leader; you were/are given the opportunity to live.

For all that feel lost, for all that have been through or going through troubles in this world: who have lost understanding, feel or felt alone or confused. For all that are looking for relief or some form of peace. Who is hoping for a better life, a life that is filled with joy and love, I say to you, all you have to do is ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS KNOCK AND I’LL ANSWER. I am a giver of Love, Grace, and Mercy, my heart is the biggest and my arms are the widest. I have enough Love for all that seek it, I have enough comfort for all that pray for it. I am a BIG GOD, a TRUE GOD, a LOVING GOD. One that will hold you in those weary hours, love you in your doubtful times, strengthen you in your weakest moments. I am the True and Living God, the one that created you and this earth, the One that sees you beyond what anyone else can see. I am a God that has given and the One that has taken: I am the God of Mercy and the God of Love. I was the beginning and I will be the end, I am the God that gives life and takes life, the one who is saying HURT NO MORE, I AM HERE, MY ARMS ARE OPENED, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT, BECAUSE I SENT MY SON AND HE PAID THE PRICE!!









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