Good Morning Lord, Inprirational

The Son Rose ❤ The Sun Rise

The Son and Sun has risen and as we began to rise, let us acknowledge Our Lord and Savior. Let us begin this day, only given through His Grace and Mercy, a day that wasn’t promised, but was GRANTED ❤

As you feel the cool brisk of the air, let the Lord warm your thoughts, hold your heart, and love your soul. Let the gentleness of dawn’s morning light- enlighten your sight and soothe you with all its thunderous glow.

As the light begins to woe you and Our Heavenly Father illumes you, He drowns the darkness that lurks in the crevices of the night. Let us remember the task that was given- as the angels of Heaven heartedly obeyed and protected throughout the night.

Let us be grateful unto our Lord and Savior and remember as the Son has risen and the Sun Rises ❤ those sweet blessings in dawn’s early light were held in and by the loving hands of GOD ALL MIGHTY!

(By C.L.Sylvester)

and that…❤

The Magic of Morning

He may paint the morning purple to display His majesty,

He can tinge it with a glory that the dullest eye can see.

He reflects it from the mountains that was sculptured by His hand

And it guilds the plains and prairies as it spreads across the land.

He may emphasize its beauty with a silver-misted shroud,

Or conceal its flaming splendor, But the slightest hint of morning breaking through the longest night

Fills the darkness with the prospect of a future that is bright: and the sunshine of its promise coaxes flowers from the sod,

For the magic of the morning bears the signature of God.

(Poem by_Bud Morris)

and that… ❤

His compassions never fail. They are new every morning

Lamentations 3:22 4 23







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