“I’m Free”

May be an image of sky and text that says 'GOD KNOWS your name and calls it with LOVE'

Life is funny sometimes when you don’t know who you are and who God created you to be. When you live a life full of hope and dreams, never truly knowing how it will all end. Never knowing if tomorrow will ever come or if the past will forever haunt you. Never wanting to live in the present and face the day. How I often think Lord, “I’m Free” “Free as I’ll ever be”, So free to just be me.

Free to live life, love life, and have life! A life full of your love, just so I’ll be free. Never realizing how it cost us nothing, but gives us everything. A life that I once lived as a lie, bonded and blinded never knowing I was free. Never knowing how you’ve instilled in me something so great, something that won’t break. Lord, I’m free to be the woman you’ve made me to be, full of hope and full of faith. So full of the dreams given by you, so worthy of the path guided by you, just allowing me to be me.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be free-“Free as I’ll ever be”, full of Your Spirit, full of love, A love that simply lets me be me. A love worthy to spread and so worthy to be praised, a love that has set me free. Yes, life is so funny sometimes, because we forget that freedom is You and with You! It’s funny cause we spend a lifetime, trying- sometimes crying to be something we are not.

Never truly knowing my dear Heavenly Father, you already set us free, you’ve already allowed me to just be me. A me, that was made and molded by you, a me that’s been shaped and designed to be free!

You are free as you’ll ever be when you learn that the Love of Christ represents everything in life worth being free for ❤

Seek His ❤ Love-You’ll truly be free!!


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