Nique's Journal

A Fresh Cup of Coffee

I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing. I slid out the bed and into my slippers, walking into my adjoined bathroom. After finishing my morning hygiene, I headed downstairs following the beautiful smell of fresh coffee.

Entering the kitchen I noticed my husband loading dishes. He noticed me looking and drew his eyes toward the direction of the island. My eyes curiously followed his and landed on two plates full of breakfast with a fresh cup of coffee.

A smile spread across my face while walking into his embrace. “Thank you love”, I mumbled into his chest. He left a sweet kiss on my forehead and led the way.

Before pulling out my chair, he helped me out of my robe and hung it on the chair. As I sat down, I examined the plate before me.

In front of me was a stack of buttermilk pancakes, topped with fresh strawberries, and bananas, with a touch of powdered sugar, sprinkled on top. Scrambled eggs sat beautifully on the side with a garnish of finely chopped parsley.

OH Yeah, can’t forget my fresh cup of coffee.

Nique’s Journal

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