Good Morning Lord

Good Morning Lord

Above everything Lord, I want to please YOU

Lord, as I begin Your morning ♥

I aim daily to be pleasing unto you.

I aim daily to please you in all I do.

I aim and pray daily for YOUR WILL to be done in my life/through my life.

I aim Lord to please you above everything else!

I am a willing and open vessel Lord, use me for Your Kingdom. Teach me Your ways, and always show me how to live for you and through you. Teach me obedience, show me where I fail, so that all I do is aligned with Your Perfect Will.

Help me in my Journey of Love ❤and on Your path of grace and mercy, so that every breath I take reminds me, it is Your breath of life that is in me. And that, every word I speak, every thought I think, and with every move, I make it ALWAYS shows a great representation of You. And ALWAYS speak of Your Goodness and Grace ❤

That, when anyone looks with a stare or glance Lord, they don’t see me,


Let not, my heart, feel anything but Your Love in every trial, in every joy,



In all that I do, let not my heart store up hate, my mind think of any wrongdoing, or my actions show evil ways. Let My heart, mind, body, and soul remain FAITHFUL to You and those around me, by holding on to Your ways, expressing Your Love, and representing Your grace ♥

And Lord, let the Blood of Jesus, Your grace and mercy shield me and keep me

as I walk this daily walk. Let every second remain steadfast on YOU!

Please Lord, never remove your hands off my life!!

Never let my focus be anywhere but on You!!

So Grateful, I Am, to be a child of Yours!

Thankful for it ALL ♥

Your Loving Daughter,


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