Good Morning Lord

Dr. Jane Cooke Wright

(1919 – 2013) Education: Teaching Research: Oncology

“The Mother of Chemotherapy” the Pioneering woman of Medical Research.

Dr. Jane Wright was the first woman elected president of the New York Cancer Society.

Dr. Jane Wright became a professor of surgery, head of the cancer chemotherapy department, associate dean at New York Medical College, and the highest-ranked African American woman at a nationally recognized medical institution.

Developed the technique of using human tissue culture to test the effects of potential drugs on cancer cells. Pioneered the use of methotrexate to treat breast cancer and skin cancer.

Wright is one of seven founders of ASCO.

Jane Cooke Wright’s father was one of the first African American graduates of Harvard Medical School, and he set a high standard for his daughters. Dr. Louis Wright was the first African American doctor appointed to a staff position at a municipal hospital in New York City and, in 1929, became the city’s first African American police surgeon. He also established the Cancer Research Center at Harlem Hospital. Jane Wright graduated with honors from New York Medical College in 1945.


Dr. Jane C. Wright completed many accomplishments in her lifetime. She was a daughter of a doctor, but as I read her biography and reflected on her accomplishments, I settled on the word “SUCCESS”.

What is Success to you?

Does it mean a certain level of financial gain?

Or, Does it mean good health?

Or What?

I asked this question because I always see on my timeline and in other places, the term, “getting that bag”. Meaning- going after money, etc… And I always say the same thing, how much time do we waste speaking about money and wealth? How much emphasis do we put on it?

For some we spend most of our lives, seeking wealth and fame; and for others, we spend it trying to live like the “Joneses”. Lord, I always wanted to know who are the “Joneses”? Well, it is no one, because if you are wasting all your time, trying “to succeed” or establish a “million dollar” life-


And I say this because many truly don’t realize, it is not money that makes you, it is not how successful you are, or what all you’ve achieved because this is not what brings happiness. Material things, money, and success can be gone in an instant.

When we start putting so much focus on material things, such as money, we start making money more important than God. Money becomes your god, and we then become worshippers of idolatry. We began to lose focus on what is important because we are chasing after “status”. We are no longer satisfied with life as God wants us to live it but began seeking after life as “WE” want to live it. We seek after “I” and not “Him”.

MY LOVES….there is NO “I” IN GOD!!


We forget that God is the provider of “ALL THINGS”, He can give and He can take.

Don’t let your life be a blank canvas or empty book, with nothing to paint about or write about, because the Book of Life will not be recording “YOUR DOLLARS” or “YOUR STATUS”.

Will the Lord be reading your “BOOK OF LIFE”

or staring at “EMPTY CHAPTERS”

“The rich man’s money didn’t help him, even when he wanted (desperately) just get a ‘drop of water”!!

(Read Luke 16:19-31)

and remember, only the SOUL can GO TO HEAVEN!!

Matthew 6: 19-21 tells us…

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

So all of you who are out chasing “that bag” and not God-

let me remind you that TRUE SUCCESS IS IN CHRIST!!