autumn back light clouds dawn
Good Morning Lord

I Can Only Imagine

I had to take this moment, because Lord, I just want to say “I LOVE YOU”!

I am so grateful to have this moment with you, thinking about the world, all that’s around me, and all that is behind me. I am so grateful for so many opportunities to just sit, breathe and focus on Your Glory-Your Love-Your Grace, and Your Mercy.

And as I sit, taking in the cloudy skies, taking a much-needed break from the day, work, issues, all of it, tuned in to Spotify, and the song “I Can Only Imagine”, comes up. One that always brings focus to life-my life and helps me, to just stop and breathe and think of You.

This evening, as I sit looking out the window into the cloudy skies, thinking about the world and life. Thinking of the changes in my life at 50, the changes I feel in my body, mind, and soul. I think about how the many damaged nerves in my body seem to be on fire right now and how long I’ve endured its war against me. How my hands, the hands you’ve created may no longer be able to type or write a feeling, Your Word, or Your message, and how my body will one day be gone,  and how my mind seems so tired at times.

I thought, Lord, so many don’t get how draining it can be to fight against such a thing. A thing that can one day cripple you or kill you. Then this song came up, “I Can Only Imagine”, and the first thought was Lord, I can only imagine how You’re feeling and how You’ve felt. Lord, I can only imagine the sacrifice You made for all the world. A world that is full of deceit, greed, hate, unforgiveness, and lies. Lord, I can only imagine the pain You went through as they tortured You, as they ridiculed You and nailed You to a cross. The pain Your heart feels, every time a soul is lost or a back is turned and Love is forgotten.

Lord, I can only imagine, the pain Your heart feels, when we do sinful things, forgetting the sacrifice that was made and the tears that were shed. Forgetting the journey that You walked, across mountains, in the hot dry deserts, across the seas, and into the wilderness, I can only imagine. Forgetting that all this was done for us, for our salvation, for our souls to experience the purest of satisfaction in Heaven. Surrounded by Glory and engulfed in peace, I can only imagine what I’ll feel, what we will feel.

As the song so beautifully says, will I sing Hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE WHEN THIS DAY COMES!!

After such reflections, on my own pain, feelings of tiredness, and weariness, I can imagine how ungrateful I sound and how forgetful I am. Because as I imagined all that You’ve experienced and all that You may feel, I feel ashamed. Ashamed that I even focused on the pain, the feelings, the weariness, because I Can Imagine how that made You feel.

Lord Forgive Me, for thinking of me when ALL YOU’VE EVER THOUGHT ABOUT WAS US ❤

I never want to Imagine Not Receiving Your Forgiveness, Grace, and Mercy and never being able to See Your Face and bask in Your Glory ❤ I Can Only Imagine the Day We’ll Be Together ❤

Thank You for Your Strength Lord,

Your Daughter