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Good Morning Lord

Letter to Depression

Dear depression, remember me?

We were like best friends at one point.
Always together, hanging around like the cool kids on the block..
When they seen me, they seen you…
we had our relationship on lock…

Dear depression, remember when?

you had me trapped inside my head,
and I was scared to enjoy life…
It was a mental battle
between you and I,
You tried to attack me through that boy,
You even tried to attack me through my friends
and even my own family members.
You were a bold one, my guy!

Dear depression, may I ask you why?

Why did you abuse me so bad that I wanted to end my life?
You had me crying into my pillows during those cold lonely nights.
Had me thinking that my life was over
and that there was no escape…
But I serve a MIGHTY good God who came in like Superman..
with his long white cape.
He sits high and looks low
and watches over His World
And he was unhappy about how you were mistreating his baby girl

Dear depression,

You did not win,
Just like anxiety,
We are no longer friends

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