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Good Morning Lord

What Would You Ask?

Blessed Mornings,

If you had the opportunity to live during the time Jesus walked and taught on earth: and had the pleasure of being in His presence then, What would you Ask him?

Before you answer this,

think of what I am asking, knowing that God walked with Him.

And Him being the Son of God with much wisdom and knowledge, as well as the power to heal, AGAIN I ASK~

What would you ask Him?

Would it be meaningless and materialistic?

Would it be a spiritual and thoughtful question?

Would you want to know about Him?

Would you want to know something about you?

What in that world would you ask Him?

What would it be if you only had the opportunity to ask


Would it then matter? Or would you yet ask the same question(s)?

Would it be important? To you? Or To Him?

Would it make Him proud? Or Would it bring Him sorrow?

With the current knowledge that you have about Jesus, with all the challenges you face, whether your life is going well or you’re going through a storm. What would you ask of Jesus, if He was walking right beside you at this very moment in the flesh?

As I was watching a movie (Christian movie), one of the characters asked Jesus a question, and I thought to myself. Out of all the things we could ask of Jesus, what would it be?

I know the door is open to many questions, but if you only had “ONE QUESTION”… how would you handle it?

As you think on this, and really take the time to meditate on your answer, just know that God has given us the opportunity to come to Him with all our questions. He has given us Jesus, to help with our salvation, and the Holy Spirit to guide us in our lives. I’m grateful, that I have more than one question to ask Jesus, and no I don’t believe it is a selfish one, but one, when granted, would bring me closer to Christ.

As the day turns into night, let your minds not be troubled about the things we cannot change, but focus on the “one that can change them”. Our Lord and Savior paid the cost, so that we may have the chance at Eternal Life and experience His goodness and grace forever ♥

As Always,

~Stay Safe-Stay Encouraged-Stay Blessed~

Stay Focused on Him!!

Always W/Love,

Journaling To My Truth

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