Good Morning Lord

“My New Life”

Blessed Mornings,

Lord, this is “MY NEW LIFE”… built by YOU, through YOUR Love and Truth.

As the Spirit of God falls down and fills my soul, It’s a New Life-My New Life.

I am now able to see as I walk in this journey of life. A life that you granted, that you provide in. I am grateful that the Spirit of God is upon me-in me, and YOU are beyond ALL I NEED!!

No longer bonded to the evils of the world, no longer led by the people in this world. Lord as I follow you, I am New, my ears are opened to Only Hear Your Voice. A voice strong, a voice so soothing, and voice that convicts me and helps me.

This New Life, built Only by YOU, has removed all strife and all doubts. It has encouraged me; it has empowered me. I lived “that” passed life, “Built On a Lie”, and walked blindly by the lies of others. Couldn’t hear Your voice or feel Your love. I am in AWE of Your Mightiness and Power. I am in AWE of Your Mercy and Grace, as I look around me, all through this world, I see YOU.

With every ray of light that shines upon the earth, with every particle of dirt that covers the ground, I SEE YOU! When I read YOUR beautiful guiding Word, I feel Your Peace. I hear Your voice guiding me through this New Life.

Lord, please continue to guide my steps and allow Your Holy Spirit to dwell in me.

Protect me from the things I cannot see, the words I cannot hear, and the ungodly thoughts that want to linger around. Cover me as I walk in Your Spirit in this New Life as I draw closer and closer to you. As I walk this blissful path toward HEAVEN ♥

In everything I do, let it Be With You!!

In everything I say, let it Be With Your words!!

In every step I take, let them Be Guided In Your Glory!!

As Always,

~Stay Safe-Stay Encouraged- Stay Blessed~

Always W/Love,

Journaling To My Truth

(Your Daughter-Comekia)

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