Good Morning Lord

^Send Me ~ I’ll Go^

Blessed Mornings☀❣

Have you ever felt the call of God in your life?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to serve Him in a different place, culture, or context?

Have you ever felt the urge to step out of your comfort zone and follow His leading?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this blog post is for you.

Do you have a passion for missions, or a burden for the lost, or a desire to serve in your local church?

Whichever it may be,  God has a purpose and a plan for your life, and He wants you to follow Him in obedience and faith.

But sometimes, following God’s call can be scary. It can mean leaving behind your comfort zone, your family, your friends, your job, or your plans. It can mean facing challenges, hardships, opposition, or persecution. It can mean going to places you’ve never been before, or doing things you’ve never done before.


How do we overcome these fears and doubts? How do we say yes to God’s call, even when it seems impossible or unreasonable? How do we become like Isaiah, who said, “Here I am. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8)?

I want to share with you my story of how God called me to a ministry of writing, by use of expressive content that focused on His Truth. When the Lord, first told me, “Let Your Past Be Your Future”, I didn’t understand “that” then. However, I was led to write that phrase down as I felt it was exclusively for me. My past, Lord, how I felt so much pain, went through so much suffering. But little did I know, it was that pain and suffering, that I would be using in my work in the effort of helping others through encouragement and TRUTH.

It was the same outlet that I used to relieve my pain and feeling of isolation. The feeling of loneliness in a world full of people, wanting and needing to speak, BUT COULDN’T. So, I wrote, I wrote everything, from a simple day of make-believe stories to my most-deepest thoughts, I wrote it down.

As, I sat and thought, “Lord, send me and I will go” I thought of the phrase He had given me. When it reappeared, I was on the sofa crying and wanting to die; as I had given up on me, God, and life. I had lost my nephew; my mom was gone, and my dad was sick. I felt so alone again in a world full of people.

It was in that moment, after hours of feeling depressed and overwhelmed, that God reminded me of Him. It was in that moment and thereafter, that He brought the phrase, “Let Your Past Be Your Future“, back to me.

I’ve touched basis on my past, but that’s another post, JUST KNOW “I SURVIVED”.  I want to encourage you to listen to His voice and obey His will, even if it seems scary, risky, or impossible. I want to encourage you to make that move and tell the Lord that “You’ll Go”. When I accepted His calling on my life, things began to change. Things began moving at a steady pace, it was going so rapidly, that I got scared, because I didn’t understand most of it. But, guys and gals, HOLD ON, the Lord will bring you no harm. Nor will he lead you into anything or anywhere that He isn’t: and HE IS EVERYWHERE.

I grew up in a Christian family, my maternal grandmother was a Missionary, as many of my aunts are too. My uncles are Pastors, and I know many of you probably wondering, how I went through the things I did, when I was surrounded by so many Godly people. WELL, ME TOO! And that is no disrespect to any of my family, but I only write and talk ‘MY TRUTH’, as this was my truth. I was lost, alone, hurt, scared, depressed and suicidal. I was this way for most of my life, this didn’t change until that day on the couch.

But wait, it has been a lifelong attack!

What do I mean by that, WELL, satan was kicked down to the earth!! And as the scripture explains,

He is the King of Lies 🤥

grayscale photo of explosion on the beach



How do we take up the cross and begin our walk? How?

The answer is simple: we need to trust God. We need to trust that He knows what He is doing, that He has the best for us, that He will provide for us, that He will protect us, and that He will use us for His glory. We need to trust that He is with us every step of the way, and that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

We also need to love God. We need to love Him more than anything else in this world. We need to love Him more than our own comfort, our own security, our own preferences, or our own ambitions. We need to love Him more than ourselves. We need to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

When we trust and love God, we will be ready to go wherever He sends us.

We will be ready to do whatever He asks us to do.

We will be ready to say, “Send me Lord and I’ll go!”

Are you ready to go?

Are you ready to answer God’s call on your life?

If so, pray this prayer with me:

Lord, I surrender my life to You. I want to follow You and serve You with all that I am. I want to fulfill Your purpose and plan for my life. I want to be used by You for Your glory. Lord, send me where You want me to go. Send me to the nations or send me to my neighbors. Send me to the cities or send me to the villages. Send me to the rich or send me to the poor. Send me to the healthy or send me to the sick. Send me Lord and I’ll go! Amen.

Send Me Lord, I’ll Go

I’m ready to serve you with all my heart and soul.

Wherever you lead me, I will follow your call.

I trust in your grace and your power to make me whole.

Send Me Lord, I’ll Go

I’ll go wherever He leads me.

I’ll go however long He wants me to stay.

I’ll go whatever the cost or the sacrifice.

I’ll go because He is worthy.

I’ll go because He loves them.

I’ll go because they need Him.

I’ll go because He called me.

And because He called me, I’ll say yes.

Send me Lord, I’ll go.

As Always,

~Stay Safe-Stay Encouraged-Stay Blessed~

Always W/Love,

Journaling To My Truth

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