Good Morning Lord

“The Joys of Christ” (poem)

In the depths of our souls, where His love does reside,

Lies the source of all joy, with Him as our guide.

In the presence of Christ, our hearts find their home,

And the joys that He brings, like a river, do flow.

His love is a beacon, a light in the night,

A treasure so precious, a boundless delight.

In His grace, there’s a comfort, in His truth, a release,

In the joys of Christ, we discover true peace.

The joy of forgiveness, for all that we’ve done,

In His mercy and grace, we are made whole as one.

No burden too heavy, no sin too profound,

In His love, perfect joy in abundance is found.

The joy of His presence, a constant embrace,

In His company, we find our happy place.

With every trial faced and every storm’s rage,

In Christ, we find joy that will never fade.

The joy of salvation, a gift freely given,

Through His sacrifice on the cross, we are forgiven.

In His resurrection, our hope is made clear,

The promise of eternal joy is near.

The joy of His Word, a lamp to our feet,

Guiding our steps on the path that is sweet.

In its pages, we find wisdom and light,

A source of great joy in our darkest of nights.

The joy of His people, in fellowship sweet,

In His name, we gather, His love to repeat.

In unity and love, we find strength in His name,

In the joys of Christ, we are never the same.

So, let’s celebrate these joys, in our hearts, let them ring,

In the love of our Savior, let our praises take wing.

For the joys of Christ, so deep and so wide,

Are the treasures we find on our Savior’s side.

C.L. Sylvester

At some time or another in this life, we will face adversities, but knowing how to deal with them and who can help us during these times is important.

As God has left us the “Comforter”, a guide to show us the way, a comforter to encourage our hearts. His Spirit that brings us strength in our time of weakness. A hand to hold us up, and His arms to hug us tight when we need assurance and warmth. God sent us His “Comforter”, so we will never be alone, and we’ll always know our way HOME.

As you dance in His Spirit and feel the “Joys of Christ”, let go of the weariness and let your hearts embrace His peace. Let your eyes focus on Him, your thoughts think of His Words, and your mouth open as your words PRAISE HIS NAME ♥

As Always

~Stay Safe-Stay Encouraged-Stay Blessed~

Always W/Love,

Journaling To My Truth

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