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PT.2 of 2_Finding True Fulfillment_ Self-Gratification to God’s Grace

Finding True Fulfillment-Pt. 2

Turning from Self-Gratification to God’s Grace

Blessed Mornings

As I began this journey toward finding God’s Truth with His understanding and guidance. As I embraced this “new version” of happiness and contentment-stamped with Love and Peace.  I’ve come to realize that the world often teaches us to seek gratification from external sources, be it in the form of praise, approval, or material possessions. But as a Christian, I’ve learned that self-gratification can be just as dangerous as “seeking gratification in others”, and can be a difficult and unrewarding path to tread.

Instead, the true source of fulfillment lies in seeking God’s grace and approval, as taught by the wise words of Jesus Christ.

**If you haven’t read part 1 of “Finding True Fulfillment-“Turning from Others’ Gratification to God’s Grace”, please do**

Discovering the Wisdom of Christ can bring many rewards, deep satisfaction, and an immeasurable amount of respect. Christ walked this earth and shared profound insights on the dangers of seeking self-gratification. His words resonate with me as I seek to navigate this perilous path. In Matthew 16:26,

Christ’s words pierce through the illusion of worldly success and remind us of the emptiness of self-gratification.

The Parable of the Rich Fool is an excellent example of seeking self-gratification through materialistic ways, as many do now.  The parable of the rich fool, found in Luke 12:16-21, is a poignant story of a man who focused on accumulating wealth and building bigger barns to store his possessions.

Does this sound familiar? Exactly, what many in the world do now, focus on more, more, and more. How often do you see on social media, the phrase, “getting my bag” or something similar? Or the “zillion” posts about “accumulating wealth” or “building legacies”?

How many “sermons” have you run across, speaking of building “money wealth” and not “salvation wealth”? It may sound good, coming wrapped up in a pretty bow, but is it that pretty? Is it of God?

These questions are some I asked myself early on, as I began seeking God’s Truth in all parts of my life, inserting “His Word”, “His Will”, and “His Ways” into my life.

The many questions I have written down, so many we’ve adapted our lives to. So many we’ve been taught as “truth”, and so many we’ve unconsciously accepted as “truth-God’s Truth”:  BUT ARE NOT “HIS TRUTH NOR HIS WILL”.

How easily we are fooled by “he“, that seeks to destroy us!!

This is why it is paramount to seek Christ, His Word, and His Wisdom!! We must study His Word for ourselves, don’t just rely on others to tell you it’s true and take it as “the truth. BUT Make Sure it is “HIS TRUTH” and that you are praying for His understanding.

In this parable, the man thought that self-gratification through material abundance would secure his happiness. Yet, in the end, he heard the unsettling words, “Fool! This night your soul is required of you, and the things you have prepared, whose will they be?” His pursuit of self-gratification proved to be a dead-end road. It was a waste of time, as God’s Word tells us in Matthew 6:19-20…

However, our true treasures cannot be found in the materialistic things of the world, which cannot be bought, planted, or saved here on earth as we may do our food. Instead, yearn for something deeper, something eternal.

He encourages us to store up treasures in heaven, emphasizing that the gratification of our souls is found in our relationship with God. It’s important to realize that our hearts and souls are not designed to be filled with the fleeting pleasures of the world.

Meaning, that our focus shouldn’t be on accumulating the things of the world, but our focus should be on accumulating spiritual wealth and living a life that is centered around spiritual pursuits, rather than material possessions.

And as we learn in our walks with Christ and toward Christ, as we turn to the Light of the World: Jesus lovingly calls us to turn away from the darkness of self-gratification and walk in the light of His love.

As He lovingly tells us in John 8:12, He declares

His light reveals the emptiness of seeking self-gratification in worldly pursuits and offers the promise of eternal life and fulfillment.

It is a Blessing in Selflessness, ultimately, Christ’s teachings lead us to understand the beauty of selflessness and loving our neighbors as ourselves. In Matthew 22:39, He says,

By shifting our focus from self-gratification to serving others, we find a deeper, more enduring sense of purpose and fulfillment.

The wisdom of Christ reminds us of the dangers of seeking self-gratification in the temporal pleasures of the world. His teachings guide us to turn toward God’s grace and approval, where true fulfillment is found. As we embrace His light, store up treasures in heaven, and practice selfless love, we discover a richer, more meaningful life—one that transcends the empty pursuit of self-gratification and leads us to the abundant grace of our loving Savior.

As Always

~Stay Safe-Stay Encourage-Stay Blessed~

Always W/Love,

Journaling To My Truth

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