Thank You for your interest in “Journaling To My Truth”!!


 I am a Diarist, journaling my personal experiences in my walk to a better me and a closer relationship with God. Learning HIS WILL for me as I navigate my way to my HEALING. As I REBUILD “ALL THAT THE DEVIL “THOUGHT” HE STOLE FROM ME!!

 My name is Comekia Sylvester, I am 48 years old, a mother of three, and a “Branee” of two handsome young boys. My idea of sharing my journey with you all comes from my love of writing, something I’ve done since I was a young girl. My passion for music, art, nature, and culture inspires my writings: and brings on a challenge of integrating one with the other to create a MASTERPIECE.

So, Please join me in this journey of creative writing, thoughtful thinking, vulnerable lessons, and moments as we head down this path to “Truth~Love~Peace”!