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Lord, I Thank You for the reversal.… rape, suicide, and depression!! May God cover each and remove these thoughts and actions in the Name of Jesus. 🙏🙏🙏

Overturned in Jesus’ Name, (Stella, Mike, and Andrian) and all others attached to these spirits-demolished in the Name of Jesus ❤ AMEN🙏🙏🙏

It is You Father, who is in control of all things, It is You, Father, that All Glory Goes to. Thank You for the REVERSAL OF ATTACKS and AGAINST THESE unwanted spirits wandering the world, looking to attach to someone. May a shield be put up against ALL, IN JESUS NAME,

AMEN 🙏🙏🙏

Ephesians 6:11-12 (KJV)

(11) Put on the whole Armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (12) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.





Journaling To My Truth

Good Morning Lord, Prayers_Morning

Good Morning Lord

Good Morning Lord,

As I sit and meditate on the beauty of YOU and this day, I can’t help but Thank You for all YOUR GLORY! As I meditate on the victories you have won on my behalf and think of the Love you so unselfishly have for me: I can’t help but THANK YOU for all YOUR GLORY!

As I gazed out the window and spent time with you, Lord I thought of how You kept me. I thought about how Peacefully I slept last night and how Peacefully I woke this morning. How I awoke with a mind that was able to bask in YOUR GLORY AND LOVE. With a mind to seek YOU and spend time with you. And as I just sat there, thinking of All Your Glory and all the things I was so grateful for, I couldn’t help, but say “LORD, THANK YOU!!

Thank YOU, for such a BEAUTIFUL sunny day, one that truly wasn’t promised, but was granted to me, through YOUR GRACE AND MERCY!! I ask that as I/we prepare for the day, we remember you in all we do. We remember how gracious you are toward us and how much YOU LOVE us, as you have constantly shown us, each moment we breathe. Lord,  I ask that you walk this day with me, keeping me from the dangers that lurk in the shadows and so boldly at times; and from the attacks that seek to destroy and distract me. I ask that you cover me/us with the Blood of Jesus as you prepare me for this day.

We Love you Lord and Thank You for this day!

The Son Has Risen-💕

Good Morning My Beautiful People 💕💕

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Good Morning Lord, Prayers_Morning


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       For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord,    thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.(Jeremiah 29:11 kjv)

Dear God, I Love You!

First and Foremost, I want to give honor unto you!

Lord, I want to thank you, I APPRECIATE YOU– for keeping me throughout the night, for protecting me and my family from all harm and danger. Lord, it is an end to a long week for me and I felt weakened and overwhelmed, BUT YOU whispered to me and reminded me that YOU are right by my side. As the week progressed the downs started overtaking the ups and begin to disturb my peace, and as one blindsided me, I tripped: but YOU LORD kept me and my Lord, how I appreciate that YOU caught me. YOU are always there to take control and see me through; and I know that me being me, I can make that difficult for you. I tend to over think things, I tend to allow my emotions to overpower me, BUT LORD, I appreciate YOU for stabilizing my feet and mind. I appreciate you for reminding me of Your Word and showing me how to apply it to the situation that was before me, you know me, and you knew I would fall weak in this situation. I appreciate you Lord, you have been a constant source of strength, a constant friend to cry to and lean on. I am forever grateful to you for Loving me the way that you do, even when I fail to do the same for YOU. My emotions run high, and I become caught up in this world, which is full of inconsistencies, full of people who do not know You or chose not to follow You, that I forget that it is not them my focus is supposed to be on, BUT YOU. I appreciate YOU for redirecting my thoughts and refocusing my vision back to YOU!

I know that we all fall short of Your Glory, I know that the human part of us wants things to be perfect, but in your word, it is clear, that we are not perfect and never will be, BUT YOU ARE. I turned forty-nine and it brought on so many thoughts about life; I thought about where I am, my children and grands: I thought about family, and I thought about my relationship with others and especially You. I thought of all the years, I went without truly knowing you and how Great You Are. At first, I thought, my God, how could I waste- but then I stopped myself, for thinking that way. Because I thank you for the trials, I went through to bring me to where I am today, I may not have truly known you, but you knew me. You were holding me down, even when I could not see it. You provided protection, gave me strength, direction, and guided me through those years I was distant from you; confused about so much, living in depression and oppression, just trying to find my way. Your LOVE allowed me to stumble, allowed me to search, it allowed me to find my way to YOU: and I appreciate that Love, because I know now, there is no other like it. YOUR LOVE has helped me stay sane, when I know the devil wanted my mind; it has help me appreciate the beauty in this world, the love in myself and in others. Your Love is what reminded me this week, that It is YOUR LOVE for us, that brings us through any situation, no matter how powerful it may seem, YOU CAN’T BE DEFEATED. When faced with choices that is meant to break you, positions that were meant to take your faith, you reminded me, JUST CALL MY NAME. And as I called Lord, You showed thy face. You showed me, that YOUR LOVE IS GREATER, IT IS UNCONDITIONAL, AND EVERLASTING. YOU showed me, if I continue to TRUST IN YOU, BELIEVE IN THE WORD, not just on the surface, but in my heart that YOU ARE the one that controls EVERYTHING, it will be ALRIGHT.

I DID and when I say, Lord, How I appreciate you Loving me the way you do, for allowing me the opportunity to see YOU, yet in a different light, from a different angle; and opening my eyes. Because so many times we say, Lord, I give it to you, and we do not truly trust it with you: because we hold on to that little piece and we do not realize that-it is that little piece that is blocking us from YOU. THANK YOU for elevating me in my thinking, love, and trust: for enhancing my FAITH beyond what I could see. I want to Thank You, for it all!

I ask that you continue to guide my steps, my words, my thoughts, and my heart. I ask that you continue to cleanse my heart and teach me the ways of your will, taking me to even higher levels in my life and faith. As I journey through this life, help me be a better me, help me understand how to apply the tools you have given us through your word and through the Holy Spirit. Let each scripture be a part of me, in heart and in mind as I go through the days allowed, let me use these teachings as I aim to do your will and spread your word. Let each one, teach someone through me, whether it is through this blog, my social media outlets, or in person: let my actions show Your Love❤ for me and them.

As I began my day, I ask that you watch over me, my children, family, and friends; and all those around me. I ask that you walk us through this day, helping us improve ourselves and those around us. I ask that you protect us from all harm and danger as we travel the roads to and from throughout the day. Lord, you have kept us thus far and I know you will continue to be a shield over our lives, because you are AMAZING LIKE THAT. For every person that I encounter on today let YOUR LOVE SHINE.