Good Morning Lord

James Weldon Johnson

James Weldon Johnson (Famous Black Poet) 1871-1938

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Born James William Johnson in Jacksonville, Florida, on June 17,1871; he changed his middle name to Weldon in 1913.

James was the son of a headwaiter and the first female black public school teacher in Florida, both of whom had roots in Nassau, Bahamas. He was the second of three children. Johnson’s interests in reading and music were encouraged by his parents.

Johnson earned an A.B. in 1894 from Atlanta University. He was brought up in a middle-class setting, and for a time shielded from poverty. The summer before he graduated college, James attended the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois where he visited a celebration called “Colored People’s Day” and heard Fredrick Douglass speak, and heard the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar whom he instantly befriended.

Answer to Prayer

Der ain’t no use in sayin’ de Lawd won’t answer prah (prayer);

If you knows how to ax Him, I knows He’s bound to heah (hear).

De trouble is, some people don’t ax de proper way,

Den w’en dey git’s no answer dey doubts de use to pray.

You got to use egzac’ly (exactly) de ‘spressions (expressions) an’ de words

To show dat ‘tween yo’ faith an’ works, you ‘pends on works two-thirds.

Now, one time I remember — jes how long I won’t say—

I thought I’d like a turkey to eat on Chris’mus day.

Fu’ weeks I dreamed ’bout turkeys, a-struttin’ in der pride;

But seed no way to get one — widout de Lawd pervide.

An’ so I went to prayin’, I pray’d wid all my might;

“Lawd, sen’ to me a turkey.” I pray’d bofe day an’ night.

“Lawd, sen’ to me a turkey, a big one if you please.”

I ‘clar to heaben I pray’d so much I mos’ wore out ma knees.

I pray’d dat prah so often, I pray’d dat prah so long,

Yet didn’t git no turkey, I know’d ’twas sump’n wrong.

So on de night ‘fore Chris’mus w’en I got down to pray,

“Lawd, sen’ me to a turkey,” I had de sense to say.

“Lawd, sen’ me to a turkey.” I know dat prah was right,

An’ it was sholy answer’d; I got de bird dat night.

In this poem by Johnson, he talks about how he prayed for a turkey, but he speaks of how he was asking the Lord wrong.

By James W. Johnson


We often forget that God owes us nothing, but “We Owe Him Everything”. and many of us pray selfishly without thinking of how offended the Lord may be. In James 4, he speaks of this and explains, how they prayed for selfish reasons, and how God didn’t answer them. So, when you kneel/bow in prayer, humble your requests before the Lord and present yourselves according to His Will. And remember to pray that God searches our hearts and removes our selfish ways and replaces them with His ❤ So that our lives our aligned with His perfect plan for us ❤

James 4: 1-3

From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?

2) Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.

3) Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.

Always W/Love,

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I Peter 5:10 (ERV)

Yes, you will suffer for a short time. But after that, God will make everything right. He will make you strong. He will support you and keep you from falling. He is the God who gives all GRACE. He chose you to share in his GLORY in CHRIST. That GLORY WILL CONTINUE FOREVER.

Dear God,

Today I want to bring Thanks to you, I THANK YOU for waking me up this morning. I THANK YOU for keeping me safe throughout the night, because without you my Precious Father, there would be no me, there would be no morning or opportunity to pray. You have given me yet another chance to simply say THANK YOU LORD!

I am truly GRATEFUL for YOUR LOVE, GUIDANCE, AND WORD: as I began this day, I ask in YOUR SON JESUS name, that you guide each step, guide each word as I walk through this day. As I go about my day, I ask that you protect me from all harm and from all danger. I ask that in each thing we do, that it always be according to YOUR WILL. That it represents you and bring understanding and bring LIGHT to YOU AND YOUR WORD.

Lord, look over all those in Ukraine and in Russia: let YOUR SPIRIT rain down on them, leading them from the temptations of war, from the snags and tricks of Satan. I know that THOU WILL– will be done here on earth as it is in HEAVEN. I know that YOUR WORD is TRUE, and such things as war, disobedience, disorder, sickness, and death must take place as it is spoken of in the HOLY BIBLE. As it is spoken throughout your word. And as such things are taking place around us LORD, I ask that it is YOUR FACE I seek and YOUR WILL I keep.

Lord, I ask in Jesus Name, that you be with my children, grands, family, friends, the world. I ask that you keep them all covered UNDER THE BLOOD OF JESUS. In my asking, I ask that you open their hearts and open their minds to receive your knowledge and your understanding of your word, love, and will for life here and everlasting. That as each move about the day you are forefront in their life, that you are not forgotten in their actions nor the speaking of their words. May we all be productive, a source of strength and comfort. A giver of your word, your kindness and love: so that there is no doubt it is ALL BECAUSE OF YOU.


Always In Jesus Name I say this prayer,

Your Daughter,