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As I come out of prayer this morning, I was led to search for another Bible plan: and as I was looking through the plans, I came upon "A week of Prayer". Thank You Holy Spirit for this, because although I pray much throughout the day, it wasn't the plan so much that I feel… Continue reading “IT’S NOT ALWAYS PRETTY”

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When you ask and it is given, Lord!!! You better know what it is you are asking for, Thank You, Jesus I said I'm a willing vessel-cleanse me-use me, Hallelujah Look, not directed at anyone particular, but watching a service online (a few that is) and no-- folks not going to like it, but anys.… Continue reading NOT OUR MOVE-ITS HIS

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When God Gives You Quetions!

Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful morning!In my study, a few questions came up, that led me to biblical research. And as God has led me, from the start of this walk, was to share this journey/walk to My Truth (meaning His Truth). In whatever way He has put in my heart and Spirit (of… Continue reading When God Gives You Quetions!

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Grateful*I Am Lord to Wait on You

When you learn to LOVE yourself as GOD has, waiting on him is key. Whether its in wanting to be in a relationship or in life in general. When you wait on God's direction and allow HIM to lead you in ALL you do: then you leave no room for errors. Now, please, don't get… Continue reading Grateful*I Am Lord to Wait on You

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COLD, COLD WORLD You all have nearly broken MY heart, shattering it into pieces forgetting that I am Love, forgetting that I am Truth. Seeking money and fame and full of greed, tricked by the devil’s snares, you all are forgetting me. Why is the world turning so cold? Why are your hearts and minds… Continue reading COLD, COLD WORLD