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“Align Your Heart”

Blessed Morning All ♥ Today, my thoughts fell on the Love of God, and aligning our hearts as close as possible to His. We'll never be Him and we'll never be able to Love exactly as God did, but we can aim to come close. I say never, because we were born into sin, and… Continue reading “Align Your Heart”

Inquiring Minds & Exquisite Thoughts

“That Test”

That test was to see "WHO TRUSTS ME"!! "WHO WILL LEAD WITH THEIR OWN UNDERSTANDING" and "NOT SEEK MINE". Who will look, but "NOT SEE", who will hear, BUT "NOT WHAT WAS SPOKEN". That test was ME, seeing who'll lean on "their OWN ADAPTED WAYS". I wanted to "SEE", WERE WERE THEY GOING BACK TO… Continue reading “That Test”

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“God Reminds Me”

"Praise His Holy Name" author "Unknown" Lord, I am so grateful for life, as I sit here and think of the week. I truly want to simply say THANK YOU, LORD, ❤ Thank you for the sweet tones of Your voice, reminding me of "How much You Love Me". As I sit, listening to music… Continue reading “God Reminds Me”

Inquiring Minds & Exquisite Thoughts, Inquiring Minds&Exquisite Thoughts Post

Worthy Treasure

Alleluia Lord Thank You for Your Love- a love that has not forsaken me, degraded me, left me! One that has been proven through the tests of time of "How real it is". One that never asks much of me, but one that I give so freely to. One that I didn't have to question,… Continue reading Worthy Treasure

Good Morning Lord


The ALARMS went offnot many moved. The ALARMS went off so many refused The war is yet going on, but many are "yet sitting still", some decided not to dress in their FULL ARMOUR OF GOD. Others, NEVER, even heard the SIRENS. BUT I WILL RISE UP THOSE THAT ARE DRESSED AND CURSE DOWN THOSE… Continue reading ALARMS WENT OFF