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Worthy Treasure

Alleluia Lord Thank You for Your Love- a love that has not forsaken me, degraded me, left me! One that has been proven through the tests of time of "How real it is". One that never asks much of me, but one that I give so freely to. One that I didn't have to question,… Continue reading Worthy Treasure


~Lord, If You Move I’ll fall~

Lord, such a powerful statement, and as I sit meditating on YOU, MY GOD!!How grateful I am, to know I have you, how grateful I am for the love you constantly show me. Not every day is an easy day, but it’s a NEW DAY, that has been granted through you and only you. I… Continue reading ~Lord, If You Move I’ll fall~

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I’ve Delegated You

~YES,HE DELEGATED ME~ Thank You Jesus for a 'NEW WAY' through an "old love"!!Thank You for you for 'NEW IMPROVED STRENGTH'-'NEW MERCIES' from an OLD LOVE-YOUR LOVE. Your love just didn't happen, your love has been around from the beginning of time. Lord, you've been a source of strength in my most vulnerable times-most trying… Continue reading I’ve Delegated You

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When God Gives You Quetions!

Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful morning!In my study, a few questions came up, that led me to biblical research. And as God has led me, from the start of this walk, was to share this journey/walk to My Truth (meaning His Truth). In whatever way He has put in my heart and Spirit (of… Continue reading When God Gives You Quetions!

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COLD, COLD WORLD You all have nearly broken MY heart, shattering it into pieces forgetting that I am Love, forgetting that I am Truth. Seeking money and fame and full of greed, tricked by the devil’s snares, you all are forgetting me. Why is the world turning so cold? Why are your hearts and minds… Continue reading COLD, COLD WORLD