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It’s A Hard Worthy Process

Blessed Mornings~ Have you ever just wanted to scream? Have you ever just felt so low, that you wanted to "just be"? Have you ever just wanted to sit in your thoughts, in that feeling, and try to figure out the WHY'S OF LIFE? Well, I have and if I am honest with myself today,… Continue reading It’s A Hard Worthy Process


“It May Seem”

It may not seem it's His plan, because of the requirements that are asked of you. It may seem that God isn't the one in control, because of how everything looks. It may seem as if God didn't or don't hear your prayers, because of how it turned out. It may seem like life is… Continue reading “It May Seem”

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I Used To Think!

I used to think that what the world thought of me mattered. I used to think that it was those around me, I had to please. I used to think that I had to do this- do that, say that-say this, be this- be that for those around me- for the people of the world.… Continue reading I Used To Think!

Good Morning Lord

Letter to Depression

Dear depression, remember me? We were like best friends at one point.Always together, hanging around like the cool kids on the block..When they seen me, they seen you…we had our relationship on lock... Dear depression, remember when? you had me trapped inside my head,and I was scared to enjoy life...It was a mental battlebetween you… Continue reading Letter to Depression

Inquiring Minds & Exquisite Thoughts

Keeping Your Eyes on God

Blessed Days All ♥ What does it mean to "Trust God" and "Keep our eyes on Him"?How do you face the difficult times in your life?What do you do, when it seems you have run out of options?Do you give up? Do you keep trying the things that are not working?What is the next step?… Continue reading Keeping Your Eyes on God