~Lord, If You Move I’ll fall~

Lord, such a powerful statement, and as I sit meditating on YOU, MY GOD!!How grateful I am, to know I have you, how grateful I am for the love you constantly show me. Not every day is an easy day, but it’s a NEW DAY, that has been granted through you and only you. I… Continue reading ~Lord, If You Move I’ll fall~

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I’ve Delegated You

~YES,HE DELEGATED ME~ Thank You Jesus for a 'NEW WAY' through an "old love"!!Thank You for you for 'NEW IMPROVED STRENGTH'-'NEW MERCIES' from an OLD LOVE-YOUR LOVE. Your love just didn't happen, your love has been around from the beginning of time. Lord, you've been a source of strength in my most vulnerable times-most trying… Continue reading I’ve Delegated You

Good Morning Lord, Inprirational

Good Morning Lord

Lord, Thank You for such a BEAUTIFUL morning One where the sun is Shining and the Son has risen. As I meditate on your word this morning, The glorious view of the sun shining brightly through the window is a constant reminder of how great YOUR LOVE is for us Lord Oh,' How grateful I… Continue reading Good Morning Lord